Black Sign wraps a mysterious vibe that's worth looking behind. Takanori Okamoto finds inspiration for his classic to bizarre designs in American culture and lifestyle from the Victorian era to World War II. Black Sign, however, is about much more than pure reproduction. Fusing original elements and reinterpretation. This results in collections with a good amount of heritage, mixed up with a bit gothic and steampunk style, packed into Takanori Okamoto's minimalic design. Reduced details, modern silhouettes, plain black and somehow not quite tangible. Black Sign leaves room for the wearer's own interpretation, his personal "Black Code".
We are delighted to have this incredible Japanese brand in the store. We’ve been working on bringing them over ever since Kay made a whistle-stop visit to the store last time he was in Tokyo and we’ve got to give a big shout out to Stanislav from Denimheads over in Prague for making the formal intro.
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