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The Story of Burg & Schild

How it all began

Founded in 2007, Berlin’s Burg & Schild is a shop for men who appreciate Quality and Tradition.

Those passionate and appreciative of their clothes.

This is a shop for men with character and style, for idealists and lovers of Denim. As passionate, driven connoisseurs, Burg & Schild offers a wide variety of brands such as Buzz Rickson’s, Edwin, Indigofera, Iron Heart, Momotaro and Orgueil.

This concentrated selection of brands from around the world includes both classics and modern reinterpretations of many styles. Founded by Shane Brandenburg and Kay Knipschild, Maria Klähn took over the company in 2014.

Since 2019 Kay Knipschild has assumed sole ownership of Burg & Schild.

Through our webshop service customers from around the world can enjoy the luxury of ordering our high-quality products from the comfort of your own home. All our product photos are shot exclusively on our premises with a meticulous attention to detail, displaying Burg & Schild’s dedication to the profession

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The shop’s extraordinary interior is entirely hand crafted and custom-built.

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located in the heart of Berlin in the district "Mitte", close to Alexanderplatz
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Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 3
10178 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 246 30 501
E-Mail: info@burgundschild.com

Mo-Fr 11 - 19 Uhr
Sa 11 - 19 Uhr

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